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Monday, April 17, 2017

Aposon Woman's Watch

Growing up, I was always late getting home. Watches were not my thing, they were mostly big and bulky and they irritated my wrist. Of course, I owned them..I just never wanted to wear them.

Over the years, my cell phone became my time piece, until it would die and I would be clueless. Even that wasn't enough to make me want to wear a watch.

What got me to wear one you ask? My husband. He is always late, always making me late. I have learned to be on time over the years and he just doesn't care.

The watch is a not so subtle clue to him, when I look at it, that time is running out and he needs to come on. Plus, having an adorable one like this makes me want to wear it everyday.

I am so happy with this watch. The band doesn't itch or scratch me and I love the feel of it on my arm more so than any other watch. Plus the style is great.

Pink is not my thing, but I can deal with the small amount of color. The heart and fake diamonds are super cute. It is rather girly but I actually like it! Super cute watch and easy to wear!

Please head on over and check it out on the Amazon product page.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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