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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Quarter Trick

Mother Nature isn't perfect. She oftens gives us more than we can handle and she is crazy bipolar. Here in Indiana, we don't have the hurricanes or other disasters that people have around the world, but we do lose power.

If you are out and about or even on a vacation, a power outage can ruin your day. Not only do you have to reset all your electronic clocks, but you also don't know how your food fared. By the time you get home, the freezer could be working again and you have no idea what thawed and refroze.

I never knew that a quarter could help me out with this. I just read about this trick and I think it is something everyone needs to know. Plus it is super easy to do. You will be telling everyone!

To do this trick, all you have to do, is fill a cup with water. A normal cup will do, you don't need too much water for this to work, so oversized cups aren't needed.

After the cup is filled, stick it into the freezer. When it freezes, simply stick a quarter on the top of the ice and leave the cup in there for whenever it is needed.

This way, if the power does go out while you are asleep or gone for the day or on a trip, all you have to do is look at the quarter. However far down it is now in the ice, is how much the stuff thawed and then refroze.

If the quarter is all the way down to the bottom, you need to throw out all of that food. That means that everything thawed out and is no longer good. If it is only half way you may be able to risk it, and of course if it is still on top, you are fine to eat your food.

Protect yourself with this trick. We don't have much food, so the cup fits pretty much anywhere in there, but if you choose the right cup, you will be able to fit it in yours, no matter how much you have stuffed in there.

Do you have other tips? I am looking for some. Please help me out below, Thank you for reading. :)

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