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Monday, March 13, 2017

Piece of Cake Part 2

Hey guys and gals! A few days ago I turned 34. I'm beyond the point of worrying about getting older. It doesn't stop you from aging, it just tortures you. Stop stressing people, you will be ok!

I don't usually go back and talk about review products again, but it is something I'm thinking about doing. When I first reviewed this cake server, I did it on regular cake. So I had to try it out with my frozen birthday cake.

My same issues came back with this test. The slices are still pretty small. I just wish it cut a bigger slice. I feel like a pig getting more just to make a normal slice.

This did work for me, but I had to let the frozen cake sit out much longer than I expected to. Occasionally part of the top of bottom would get stuck on it and break it in half.

The final verdict is, you may get half melted cake, but it does work! Find it on Amazon, HERE.

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