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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Liztech Wireless Doorbell

No matter where we live, we seem to be able to sleep through company. Most people know to get a hold of us before coming, but others don't. Our bedroom is too far away from the front door to hear knocking, so we needed something louder.

Other doorbells have worked for us for a little while, but often went off on their own, even with new batteries and no one at the door. I was about ready to give up on them until I tried this one.

The set up is so easy on it. It comes with the bell for the door that people ring, and two transmitters. One that plugs in and one that takes batteries that you can take with you to any room in your home and it will still work.

So of course all you have to do is use the sticky piece with double sided tape and get the bell on the door. Then just plug in the transmitter and put batteries in the other.

The hardest part of this set, is picking the tone. There are 52 in all and you will be listening for awhile. I suggest writing downs the ones you like so you can try and get back to them later. It took us a long time to pick the right one.

So far these have worked the way they are suppose to they have saved us the embarrassing wake up phone call more than once.

I am really happy with these. I did get them at a large discount in exchange for my review, but they are perfect for us so far. Check them out, HERE.

UPDATE--- I got two plug in receivers not a plug in and a battery powered receiver. I was mistaken. The instructions said there were one of each so I assumed the one I wasn't with was the battery powered one.

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