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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

iMustech Mailbox Numbers

I'm still so surprised that we have our own place now. In just a few years it will be paid off. How exciting is that? I think it will open up the door of possibilities for future reviews.

We definitely needed numbers for our mailbox..our name too, but thats a different post. we at least needed house numbers, everyone drives right by.

These numbers are great. They look nice and the size is big enough that you can see them on the mail box from pretty far away. They seem to be made well.

My problem? they come in two packs of the same number. My number is 12. If they sold mix and match packs, I would be all over them. Since they don't, I got these to use them for a future craft product.

My step daughter loves Shopkins, and I want to use these as the eyes or something else for her wall. I think she will love them and that they will stick pretty well.

If your house has double digits or you just want to buy an extra for later, these numbers will be perfect for you. Eventually I want to get some and use them to make up a clock on my wall, with just the numbers and the hands.

Head on over and check these out at the Amazon product page, HERE.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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