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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hallway Lights

I may be an adult, but I hate to walk into a dark hallway. Yes, I know nothing is there, I just hate it. Ghosts, to me are real and I would rather meet them in my element. Ok maybe not a ghost, but a person, if a person is hiding in the shadows, I will freak.

The problem with our ask. Well..there is only one light...on the the end of the hall...with only one switch. If you are heading towards the back, you better have your cell phone opened.

We couldn't see leaving the light on from 10 pm to 3 am. (My husband gets off at 11 pm so we are usually up for a bit) It would just cost us too much money in the long run.

String lights came a few weeks ago and I was hoping to use them to fix my solution. They didn't plug in, instead they ended with a USB tip. At first, I was plugging them into the power strip behind the tv. But that was still using the electric.

My solution, was to use my portable phone chargers. All I have to do is make sure they are charged and plug the lights into them. The whole hallways is then lit up and can stay that way for almost three hours with each charger.

My light placement has started to bore me. I will continue to move them in different ways, while I am using them. This way will save electric and it will save light bulbs. Which will definitely save me money.

This is the perfect solution for us and kids love it. A few strung up in their rooms and you won't need a night light. Check out some copper string lights to get the effect that I did.

Tell me what you do to save moneya nd I would love to put it in a future blog post! Thanks for reading!

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