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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Does this trick really work? Part 3 Perfume and Stickers

I think I am becoming obsessed with this crazy world of life hacks. When I first started doing these, I assumed that they wouldn't or would make the process much harder.

Since testing a few of them though, I have now come to find out that most of these tricks are great and they really will save you time and some even save you money. Let alone the time you save!

Perfume and stickers only go together when we are scratch and sniffing... right? What if your perfume could do something else for you, besides smelling good? This hack is easy and free!

We all buy stuff, some of it has those annoying price stickers that can stay on through hundreds of washings. I hate those stickers, they mock me! Not anymore though.

All I did, and I am sure there are many different ways to do it, was to spray the price sticker down, wait a few seconds, and then it scraped all off with little effort.

I don't know how, but this trick does work! it was so easy on my hands and I didn't have to go out and buy some goo be gone product. If you have perfume at home, this will work for you!

As always, thank you everyone for reading. I'm having a blast with this series so far, I do need some more ideas, please comment your life hacks below!

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