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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Does this trick really work? Part 2 Homemade Gel Packs

Researching these life hacks is a blast. I have found a lot that I want to test out for this series. I gotta say the testing process is the best. Especially when you find something that really works for you!

My husband always have aches and pains. I did just turn 34 yesterday, so I suppose it is to be expected. Anyway, the point is, we are always needing a gel or ice pack.

When I saw this one, I had to try it. It is super simple to make and you only need a few things! Ziploc bag, 5 cups of water, one cup of rubbing alcohol, and food coloring if you want a colorful gel pack.

All you have to do is mix and then freeze the bag. After ten hours mine was cold and a bit chunky, but not frozen. I chose a bigger bag for larger areas and it is great.

With any gel or ice pack, don't put it directly on your skin. Always wrap with a towel or have some sort of layer in between it and your skin. Believe me, this thing is freezing!

This trick really does work and the best part is, you can make it with items already sitting around your home. Plus it only takes a few minutes to put together.

Give me your tips and tricks in the comments below! Thank you everyone.

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