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Friday, March 24, 2017

Does this trick really work? Cement Can Opener

These tricks are getting interesting. I thought that most of them would work, but I knew that i had to be prepared for the ones that didn't.

This is one that didn't work for me. The object of this trick-- open a can without a can opener, using only the cement.

One reason I had high hopes for this trick, is because it would be an easy way for the homeless, or even just those who are lost or that left their can opener at home.

I rubbed and rubbed the top and the side of this can against the ground and I just couldn't get it to pop open. You can tell the air is getting in because the can dents easily.

Maybe I didn't rub it long enough. The arthritis usually keeps me from doing things for too long. If you try this, and you get it to work, let me know below and I will try it again!

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