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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

DIY Kool Aid Organizer

I'm always looking for ways to organize on no budget whatsoever. It sucks to be poor but that doesn't mean your kitchen can't be unique.

Honestly, I have never had so much cabinet space. It's great but you really see the lack of food. Haha Really though, I love my cabinets. I just have to figure out how to organize them.

I know there are simple ways to fix this. Screw baskets to the doors or the insides of the cabinets for one. Even adding another shelf to your cabinet. But I needed an easy way to organize that was free.

While taking out the recycling boxes it occurred to me. I can use stuff I already own to control the chaos of the kool aid packets or other spices. I picked the right box and was off.

All I did was take a shells and cheese box and cut it down a bit. Then I took a few pages from a food magazine and wrapped them around the box. You can use anything handy, wrapping paper decorated paper, white paper, etc.

After that, just stick your Kool Aid or spice packets inside. It keeps them from taking over your whole shelf! The other ways may look better but this method is free. It will hold you over until you can afford better!

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