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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

DIY Bathroom Jars

As I have said in my last few DIY posts, we don't have the money for fancy stuff..yet. So I have to get creative. I wanted a good way to display items in the bathroom and i found the perfect one for me.

As always, I try and use things that I already have around the house, so I am not spending any money. You can really do a lot with things you have already paid for, but sometimes, you do have to go out and buy.

I have a bit of counter space in my bathroom, not as much as I hoped for though. I needed a way to display, but not look like I had too much going on at the same time.

All I did was take a few nacho cheese jars and washed them out. Now you can just stop there, they look good that way, but you can also add some fun to the jars.

One way to add some fun, and the way i did it for this article, is to take any color of spray paint and just paint right over the glass. This post, made me realize, that I suck at spray painting. haha So I hope you have a better time at it.

You can make them plain or with designs underneath or on top. If you want to do designs underneath, you can use certain times of tape, tape the design, and then spray paint the jar. When it is dry, take off the tape and you will find your design. You can also use glitter and all kinds of items.

I think these look good in my bathroom. I am debating whether or not to paint them different colors and to paint the whole tray. This is a fun and cheap DIY that will be fun to fill and look at.

Thank you so much for reading. As always, leave your DIY tips below. I am always looking for ones to cover in this series!

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