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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Weight Loss

The last few years have been hard on my weight. I was so use to being skinny that I went into a kind of denial and just stopped looking in the mirror.

It is easy to blame the medicines that I got put on, 14 in all. At the end of the day though, the blame has to go on me. I was still eating what I wanted to when I wanted to.

Every year I go through the same things, I get depressed and start working out for a few weeks until it just stops again.

This time though, I am sticking to it. Next week will be a month that I started to change my life and I really want to keep going!

I am not a diet expert obviously but I am doing it my way. Slowly, but my way. First I took a month to get use to drinking water. I hate it, but I have to have it.

Now I make sure to drink half my body weight or more in water. I have cut the pops down from 5 or 6 to one or two a day. i'm pretty proud of that.

After I got that under control, the walking began. Now I try and make sure to get my 10,000 steps in. That is not the easiest thing in the world to do.

We don't have a car and we live in Indiana, so getting outside isn't the easiest thing to do. I have learned to adapt though and made a path through our home to walk in.

Next month I am going to add a workout into my routine as well. Through all this, my shaper has been a good friend. I wear iit when I work out to help me sweat more, plus seeing a skinnier me in the mirror helps as well.

I hope to be about 50 pounds down by June. I am doing this for me, but there is no reason I can't show off my revenge body.

Tips are needed though. So far the only other thing I have changed is my diet. We never ate breakfast before this, but now I do. Oatmeal and toast in the morning and a healthy choice meal and veggie for lunch. Dinner is the norm, I just make sure to eat a lot less and use my portion control containers.

Other then all of this, does anyone have other tips for me? I am very serious about this, it is past time for me to be able to look in the mirror and see someone worth looking at! Let me know below.

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