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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Safe Bike Lights Head and Tail Light Set

Bike safety is a huge issue nowadays. I see a lot more people out on bikes, but there are also the people you can't see on the road.

My husband was actually pulled over on his bicycle one day because his lights were at home and he left during the day. Now he doesn't go anywhere on it without having them.

Just like everything else, these sets come in all different types and sizes and of course brightness. I have reviewed some that are very bright and a few that weren't bright at all. I say that this one fits right in the middle.

It isn't crazy bright, but you will be seen when you are riding at night. It includes a high, low, and a strobe feature. The tailight also includes a slow strob as well.

I like that you can also take the light out and use it as a flashlight if you are out and you need it. The conveinence is nice, many others are just mounted too the mount.

Speaking of, this set is so easy to install. The taillight just wraps around the back bar and bands back to itself. The headlight is just as easy, just unscrew it and then place it around the bar and screw back and you are all set!

We are pretty happy with this set, the only drawback is the fact that the headlight takes batteries and is not rechargeable. If you get this set, it would be smart to buy a few rechargeable batteries.

 You can find this great set at Amazon by going here. I did receive this in exchange for my honest review, but everything I said is 100% truthful.

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