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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ozeri Instavac Food Storage

Growing up, butter tubs were acceptable food storage containers. It took forever to find the butter at Grandma's. I'm guilty of this as well. I should be more worried about safety, but most of our stuff is still in storage!

That being said, this set came at the best time. My first impression of these was impressed. They seem big and bulky but you get use to them. I was immediately impressed with the design though, and how much thought was put into them.

I didn't read the full instructions and pumped one too many times on two of them and they cracked on me. I can still use them, they just won't work as vaccum sealed containers anymore. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly.

Stepping away from my mistake, these containers are really awesome. Our meat lasts days longer than they use to in our old containers. Plus they are simple to use.

All you do is load them up and snap on the lid. With two fingers, push in until the bubble no longer pops up with each push in. When you open them, lift the flap to let out the air and then take off the lid.

You really need to check these out. These apples have been in this container for a month, as you see, when I cut them open, they are still juicy. These containers are worth it! Ozeri Instavac Food Storage

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

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