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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan

Some people have to sleep with a fan on, no matter the season. I am NOT one of those people. During the day though, I can definitely relate. The dry winter is just a bit too much.

Regular box fans are way too bulky, sit too close to the floor, and they get so difty! This tower design gets the air up to the top of someone's head when they are sitting in the chair and all the way to the floor.

If does come with a remote, so you can run it from across the room, as long as you are in the path. If you are already up, you can operate the fan from the top of it.

The fan has a few different settings for different times of the day. The volume is low on all of the settings. The high setting is the lowest of the bunch. The best part, is the fact that it can be set to rotate.

The only problem I have with this fan, is the top door, the one that hides the buttons, will not close. No pieces look broken but something has to be. I just left the tape on top, it stays closed and I'm fine with it because I have the remote.

The only problem you may have with this fan is that you have to do a small but of assembly. Only a few pieces, it's actually a breeze for me. If it isn't so easy for you, make sure to have a friend nearby that can put it together. This is a great fan and well worth it. Find it HERE.

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