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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Chef's Limited Baking Set

Baking was something my dad loved to do. Every holiday, he made all the desserts that were served. I never really got into it on my own, until he died. Now I bake as often as possible and I demand good quality materials to work with.

I have to say, this set right here has impressed me since day one. It comes in minimal packaging which is a huge plus to me and the environment. Plus, the box clearly shows you everything that is in the box, right down to the shade they come in.

You get a few items in this set, a baking sheet, baking mat, and a silicone pot holder. Everything appears to be high quality. We, as a family use at least one of these items every single day and they all still look brand new.

The baking sheet is a dark pan. You have less of a chance of seeing any problems with it. This sheet is seriously deep, probably the deepest pan I own of this shape and purpose. Plus the pan is really lightweight and it doesn't seem like it will falter with too much weight.

The baking mat is silicone. Silicone is my favorite material in the kitchen. Not only is this mat easy to clean, it also keeps the baking sheet clean, no more scrubbing burnt stuff off with this mat. I think the food tastes better too.

Last but not least, the silicone potholder. I am in love with this thing. It is hands down my favorite part of the set by far. All you do is partially slip it onto your hand and then grab a hot item. The only thing that worries me, is burning my exposed skin. Luckily that hasn't happened yet, but I'm clumsy, it won't be long.

I love this set. I know I don't explain things very well, so it is great that you can also find out more details from the Amazon page, if you like what you read, pick up a set from the Chef's Limited Baking Set product page. I received this product at a discount but all my opinions are honest and how I really feel.

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