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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan

Some people have to sleep with a fan on, no matter the season. I am NOT one of those people. During the day though, I can definitely relate. The dry winter is just a bit too much.

Regular box fans are way too bulky, sit too close to the floor, and they get so difty! This tower design gets the air up to the top of someone's head when they are sitting in the chair and all the way to the floor.

If does come with a remote, so you can run it from across the room, as long as you are in the path. If you are already up, you can operate the fan from the top of it.

The fan has a few different settings for different times of the day. The volume is low on all of the settings. The high setting is the lowest of the bunch. The best part, is the fact that it can be set to rotate.

The only problem I have with this fan, is the top door, the one that hides the buttons, will not close. No pieces look broken but something has to be. I just left the tape on top, it stays closed and I'm fine with it because I have the remote.

The only problem you may have with this fan is that you have to do a small but of assembly. Only a few pieces, it's actually a breeze for me. If it isn't so easy for you, make sure to have a friend nearby that can put it together. This is a great fan and well worth it. Find it HERE.

Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan

Eggs are amazing. I would eat them every day of I could. No matter what I do though, they never turn out right. Trying land come in all different shapes and sizes and I think I could mess up eggs on all of them.

I think the sheer range of price in trying pans, should surprise everyone. Do I really need a high dollar pan if a $10 pan does the same thing?

I have to say, this pan interests me. The box puts it better than I ever could, "Ceramic coating, derived from nature." It features Ecozeri, ultra safe 100% PTFE and PFOA free ceramic non-stick coating.

This pan has a lot of great features. My eggs and I really appreciate the non stick coating and I love the scratch resistance.

The pan is a bit heavier than I thought it would be, but the handle is made well and I have full confidence in it, no matter if you are cooking eggs or a heavy steak.

Every company needs to take that extra step, to set themselves apart, for Ozeri, it is the pan protector they give you. When not in use, just slip it into the pan to protect from other pans, falls, or scratches.

All in all I have to say, I fell in love with this pan the first time I used it. It really is non stick and so far everything has cooked evenly, the food even seems to taste better. I highly recommend this pan! Find it HERE.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Scented Rosemary Satchet

Essential oils really made some noise last year. They became an "it" thing and everyone had to have some. I mean come on, you can use them to relax in a tub, put them on your hair and skin, and even in a warmer to put out positive vibes.

This set comes with a bottle of essential oil and a satchet full of balls. All different sizes and shades in a beautiful satchet with a gorgeous bow.

When it first comes, the satchet is good to go and smells amazing. Once the smell goes away, I just put a few drops into the satchet and bounce them all around. The smell stays for quite awhile and I didn't have anything to plug in or unplug.

I think the satchet goes well with a lot of different decorating options. I would love to have a bunch of these sitting around my home. It's almost a sit it and forget it sort of option.

I received this product at a discount. It is unavailable right now, if it ever comes back in, I will come back and edit this post.

Chef's Limited Baking Set

Baking was something my dad loved to do. Every holiday, he made all the desserts that were served. I never really got into it on my own, until he died. Now I bake as often as possible and I demand good quality materials to work with.

I have to say, this set right here has impressed me since day one. It comes in minimal packaging which is a huge plus to me and the environment. Plus, the box clearly shows you everything that is in the box, right down to the shade they come in.

You get a few items in this set, a baking sheet, baking mat, and a silicone pot holder. Everything appears to be high quality. We, as a family use at least one of these items every single day and they all still look brand new.

The baking sheet is a dark pan. You have less of a chance of seeing any problems with it. This sheet is seriously deep, probably the deepest pan I own of this shape and purpose. Plus the pan is really lightweight and it doesn't seem like it will falter with too much weight.

The baking mat is silicone. Silicone is my favorite material in the kitchen. Not only is this mat easy to clean, it also keeps the baking sheet clean, no more scrubbing burnt stuff off with this mat. I think the food tastes better too.

Last but not least, the silicone potholder. I am in love with this thing. It is hands down my favorite part of the set by far. All you do is partially slip it onto your hand and then grab a hot item. The only thing that worries me, is burning my exposed skin. Luckily that hasn't happened yet, but I'm clumsy, it won't be long.

I love this set. I know I don't explain things very well, so it is great that you can also find out more details from the Amazon page, if you like what you read, pick up a set from the Chef's Limited Baking Set product page. I received this product at a discount but all my opinions are honest and how I really feel.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Great Gamer Glasses

Technology has officially taken over. We spend way too many hours a day, staring at screens. By the end of the day our eyes, head, and even stomachs hurt. The longer you stare the more side effects you experience.

As a blogger, I often find myself slipping farther and farther behind, because of all the problems I was experiencing. Some days I was spending 8-10 hours on just my blog. Once I slipped these glasses on, that all changed, no more daily headache or eye strain...From screens, I mean.

They call these gamer glasses,but you can use them for looking at anything with a screen. The glasses are very simple to use. All you have to do is put them on. They tint turns your whole world yellow. It is easy to get use to, it was for me at least, I can't say how everyone will react.

I honestly can't tell you how these work. They have a very good description and I and still can't explain it. One feature I get, and love, is the anti glare. My blinds can be open and I don't have to worry about missing out on anything.

So far they haven't hurt my face too much. I don't wear glasses, so they took a bit to get use to. They didn't really hurt just irritating. Someone who wears glasses should have no problem wearing them, so shout out to those of you who don't. Remember every experience is different.

We are happy with our results, we have had less headaches so far! If you want to check out this product, you can find it on Amazon HERE. I did receive this product at a discount, but my opinions are all truthful.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Slayer RC Car

If you're an avid reader of the blog, you know that my husband is a huge man child. If you didn't know that, then you are welcome for that useless fact.

Seriously though, growing up, he didn't have much, so now he loves all kinds of stuff. Video games, clothes, and toys from his childhood up to now. This works for us, because I love to collect. You won't see me on Hoarders anytime soon, but I do joke about it.

When Jay saw this car, he had to have it. The sleek design makes it different from other RC cars. It just looks fast, you see it and you can tell it is speedy. We thought it would be a bit bigger, but the size is great.

Most cars are great for outside and possibly other flat surfaces. We found out that this one works on a variety of surfaces, inside and outside.

I was surprised the first time we watched it speed across our shag carpet making a smooth transition onto the laminate kitchen floor. Jay and the kids hope it snows at least one more time this year, so they can make an outdoor track.

Last but not least, the remote. It is a handheld remote with a trigger to go forward and reverse and a circle (pretty sure that isn't the official name lol) for turning. It is easy to drive and I think it would be great for kids and adults. We have a lot of fun with it as a family.

Head on over to the Slayer RC Car product page on Amazon. You can find the product, learn more about it, and buy a few for your family.

I received this product as a discount, but all of my opinions are real and how I really feel.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Piece Of Cake Cake Server

I love the trends, the watermelon cutter was a personal favorite of mine. This tops that every day of the week. I have wanted one of these for what seems like my whole life.

I mean who wants to fumble around with a knife, not trying to touch people's food when you are trying to give them their piece.

This eliminates that. All you do is slice into a cake or pie, squeeze, and hold the squeeze until you are over a plate and then let go.

It cuts the pieces perfectly, a bit small, but the shapes are perfect and all the same size. When you are done, clean up is a breeze.

You need to check this server out. It will simplify your next party or dinner! Head on over to the Piece Of Cake Cake Server product page on Amazon. Pick one up for your home!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

Ancord Bluetooth Speaker

We love this speaker. In this business I have seen small to tiny speakers and huge speakers.

This one fits comfortably in the middle of the two. I call it the perfect size. I can carry it with ease to anywhere I am going.

The sound quality is much better than i thought it would be. Even in a loud car, we were able to hear and understand the music.

It doesnt take long to charge this speaker and depending on how much you use it, it could last for almost a week on one charge.

We are very happy with it. Head on over to the Ancord Bluetooth Speaker product page on Amazon. To not only check out the product, but buy one as well.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

US Art Supply 20 Piece Chip Brush Set

We just moved into a new place and it definitely needs a few fixes. I have used these a few times now and I have had this product longer than normal.

Tomoson can be thanked for that and I really apologize to the US Art Supply company.

Now on to the review. You get 20 brushes with this set, including: 0.5" x 6, 1" x 6, 1/2" x 4, and 2" x 4.

For me there is a brush for every single job. They dont shed when I am using them and the paint didn't soak like other brushes, so more got on the walls.

Head on over to the US Art Supply Chip Brush Set product page on Amazon. From there you can find out more about this product and pick up a set. I received this product in exchange for a review.