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Friday, October 21, 2016

Gold world Beanie Speaker with Bluetooth

When it comes to hats and music, my husband is an expert. Those are two of his favorite things in the world. One to block out people from seeing he is bald and the other to block out life.

He was excited when I told him about this beanie. It took a very long time to get here from China, so he had to keep up the excitement for weeks. That's one thing to note with this beanie, if you want it for winter order it ASAP!

Basically this is a regular beanie with a twist. There are speakers built in on both sides of the hat. They go right over your ears so you can hear everything with no cords.

All you have to do is Bluetooth your phone and this beanie together to get it to work. We found it easy to pair on both of our phones, and a friend's phone.

My husband isn't that impressed with the sound, but he likes it really loud. For the normal person, the sound would be just fine. Watch our for the charging times though. It is two hours to fully charge it and it only lasts four hours at the most.

All in all, I like the beanie, I just wish it lasted longer on a single charge. Head over to the Bluetooth Beanie product page on Amazon, they also have different colors. For some reason my phone isnt letting me add pictures at this time, I will update with pictures when I can.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

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