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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bella Vino Wine Decanter

Sometimes as an adult you just have to forget about the day and set back and relax. Many people achieve that goal by drinking wine or other alcohols. We rarely drink, but when we do, I want it to be a classy time and not a fall down drunk time, like many people my age are sadly.

This decanter definitely brings the class with it. The lines flow beautifully and it looks amazing on the center of a table, even empty. It is much different from any decanter I have ever seen and I think that is why I am drawn to it so much.

There are actually two spouts that come up. I pour into the bigger side and then get drinks from the smaller one. A whole bottle fit perfectly in the bottom, You can fill it all the way up, but you will have a big mess on your hands if you do, because the wine will come out of both spouts at one time.

I have to say, I din't think their claim about the wine tasting better would be true, but it actually does. For some reason, when it is in here and poured from here, the tastes explode. You can really taste every single flavor included in the wine.

I am in love with this decanter and I think it would be good for a party, hanging out with friends or just every day. Everyone will love this decanter and it will soon become the talk of the conversation. It really should be displayed!

Head on over to the Bella Vino Wine Decanter product page on Amazon. You can also check out their other decanters as well while you are there by clicking their business name. For this decanter though, you can learn more about it, see what other people think about it, and you can pick one up for your home.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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