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Saturday, July 9, 2016

LIG Group Wireless Speaker

We have reviewed a lot of wireless speakers now, and I have to admit, that we do use all of them. We have one for every room, our vehicle, outdoor pack, bikes etc. We place each in a spot where it can be heard and used the best for its abilities.

This one is in the bathroom. It is just loud enough to be heard over the shower, without having to turning it up too loud and distorting the sounds. It is small so it fits on the shelf over the shower so it will never fall, get wet, or be ruined by the water.

It is a small speaker and you are definitely getting what you paid for with it. It isn't the best and greatest, but we have some of those already. This is the perfect fit for our small bathroom, the sounds stay in the area and almost echo off the walls making it seem louder then what it is.

Head on over to the LIG Group Wireless Speaker product page on Amazon. From there you can find out more about the speaker, like the fact that it has a battery! See what other people think about the speaker, and you can pick one up for yourself!

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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