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Monday, June 20, 2016

Insanity Workout Day 2

I always say that I am going to keep up on a workout and I usually do them one day and then never do them again. Today, I was ready to get into it. Even though I am still in pain from yesterday. I am either crazy or serious about a change this time.

Yesterday I managed to sweat a little bit, nothing like they said I would, but of course that is doing the whole video and I only did 10. Today I got to 17 minutes before I had to sit it out and watch them do the last 15 minutes, but I did sweat like crazy!

I go through days where I don't drink much water. If you are going to start something like Insanity, make sure you keep the fluids going down your throat all day long. Like I said, you will sweat and you do not want to pass out from lack of hydration.

I am doing this from you tube, so I am not quite sure, what comes after this routine and if it is even the 60 day body transformation, since they have so many different videos for Insanity. This will definitely help though and as I go I can do different videos after I master this one.

I am for sure in a lot more pain today. I can really feel it in my abs, back, and legs. I can't let the pain get to me though, I have to keep pushing. If I want the old me back, it has to be for real this time. Nothing is going to stop me from getting my old body back!

If you have done Insanity or are thinking about it, leave a comment down below and tell me what your experience is and if you completed the program, how much it helped you! I have a ton of health problems and it isn't advised for me to do this workout, so always check them out first and even talk to your doctor and ask him/her if it is safe for you!

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