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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Insanity Workout Day 1

I am writing this today, because it is time for a change. I always had some excuse to not work out. In light of recent events, it is time. Time to change my life and get back to the weight I should be. I have looked at a lot of workouts and none of them were really something I enjoyed.

Being an insomniac, I see all of the infomercials and I saw Insanity every single day. I always watch it and wonder if it will really work or not and if I can even do it. Before deciding anything, I went to YouTube and watched a bunch of "real" people talking about it. You can tell they weren't paid actors, because they were being brutally honest.

There is a reason they call this the hardest workout out there....because it is. I could only make it through 10 minutes today. I spent many minutes feeling as if I would die, drinking water and simply observing the workout. Watching the videos, almost every one of them said that they only made it about 10 minutes the first day. I don't feel as bad now!

I am starting this today at 237 pounds. I have no clue what I was suppose to measure, but my tummy is 52 at the fattest point, boobs are 47 with sports bra on, Fattest part of arms is 14 and my thighs are 20. By the end of the 60 days, I hope to be down under 200, 197 maybe and only 44 pounds from my ultimate goal of 150. One last measurement, my pants are a size 14-16 right now. Even at my skinniest I never got down past an 8 so 8 is my goal!

I can do this..I just have to keep pushing and trying and no giving up. Even if I don't reach my goal at the end of all of this I will still be happy with the progress I made and then jump into round two!! I don't know how much jumping I will do the next day. I can already feel that 10 minutes! My body is hurting...and I can't wait for tomorrow!!

I haven't decided yet whether I will do daily or weekly updates, so I will see you when I see you and I hope I have good new for ya! Until then, I left a few Before/1st day shots for you. Every time I post from now until the end of the sixty days, will include pics. I want to see my progress too!

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