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Monday, May 30, 2016

Ethereal Wellness Essential Oils

I hate to take medicine. You never know what you are putting in your body or having around it. If you watch the commercials for the pills they are selling, you will hear side effects that are far worse then what you need the pills for.

If I have a choice between natural and man made, I will definitely go with the natural products. Essential oils are a great alternative. You can take a million pills in one day or you can wipe a little bit of these on yourself.

My bath time is so much better now. I put a few sprinkles in while the water is running and then when I get in, the whole room is filled with an amazing aroma that will clear your sinuses and most take away your stress.

This is such a cool set. You get many scents including lavender and orange! They all do something special for you and it just takes a quick google search to find it out. They also send an e book after you buy the set!

Head on over to the  Ethereal Wellness Essential Oils product page on Amazon. From there you can find out more about the set, see what other people think about them, and you can pick up a set for yourself!

I received this product in exchange for my review.

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