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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Set Mini Round Game

Board games are so much fun. You can really have a great family night with them. My kids really love to play board games. We also play with our friends as well. The competition of it all whether with the kids or with our friends is always high. Everyone wants to win and sometimes, it does cause fights.

Set is not a board game though, but it is something that we would play together. I had never heard of or played Set before. From what I am reading, the full version of Set is very detailed and pretty hard. This is the mini round, which means it won't be as detailed as the original.

Basically they are round cards, so I put this in the category of card games. They have different shapes and colors on each card. One card may have a green line and another may have 3 red squiggly lines. The cards are placed 12 down in a triangle, face up. The first person to say set, gets to go until they can't make anymore sets.

A set, is three of the same shapes or three of the same color etc. The game is quick and easy to play...this version anyway. We found it fun and we go through many rounds before we move on to the next game. The kids enjoy it and I do as well.

Head on over to the Set Mini Round Game product page on Amazon. From there, you can find out more about this game, see what other people are saying about it in their reviews, and you can pick up a tin for your family. Have fun on your next game night with set.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review.

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