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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Orblue Cast Iron skillet handle cover

I love cooking with my cast iron skillets, but I hate burning my hands every time. This is perfect! It fits on every single handle I have and even on my normal skillet handles. Which I love because they all seem to get pretty hot!

The size it right on as to what it should be. Even leaving a bit of room for longer handles. I took pictures with my smallest cast iron skillet. Just because it looked so darn cute on there. In my opinion anyway.

I have to say that I am much more comfortable using those skillets again. You get a good grip on the handle, without burning your hand! Plus it is silicone which is my favorite kitchen material because it is flexible, comfortable, and easy to use and clean.

Head on over to the Orblue cast iron skillet handle cover product page on Amazon. From there you can find out more about this handle cover, see what other people are saying about it in their reviews, and you can pick up one or more for your home and save your hands the pain!

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my review.

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