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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

PURGGO Car Air Freshener

Cars, get smelly. No matter what you do or what freshener you use, it is inevitable. Between, adults, kids, and pets, something is going to stick, whether it is a good or bad smell. Most fresheners just mask the smell. This air freshener is not like those at all.

This air freshener, is made up of all natural materials. Every single part of it from the bamboo on the inside, to the natural rope used to hang it. I love that I can look at the materials and see only a few things on the list. Natural products are really helping the environment in my eyes, which means I am helping and doing my part as well.

Basically, this air freshener isn't an air freshener. It works so much differently from what you think of when you say air freshener. It has no smell at all. The odors are caught by the bamboo, which draws in the smells of the vehicle. It neutralizes the bad and keeps others from smelling anything weird in your car.

I still use the vent fresheners, to leave just a little bit of a good smell, but I haven't had any issue with the neutral no smell that I get from this freshener. It is pretty easy to use as well. All you have to do is put it over the headrest of the front or passenger seat, push the headrest back down and then it hangs over the back. Out of the way and not to bad on the eyes either.

This air freshener works for over a year which only minimal care every few months. All you have to do is sit it into the sun to "recharge" for a few hours. I just throw mine onto the dashboard or on the back porch. You won't be able to see the odors of course and it doesn't change the look of the air freshener at all. I really love this and it actually has helped with the smell in our vehicle.

Head on over to the PURGGO Car Air Freshener product page on Amazon. From there you can find out more about this product, see what other people are saying about it and where they are plaing it in their car, and you can pick on up for your vehicle/home.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review.

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