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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hush Hush Panties

There is nothing worse, then having a laugh or a sneeze and feeling like you filled your panties. You wonder all the way to the bathroom if there may be a spot that everyone can see. It can be really embarrassing. Plus, it can feel horrible on you as well. Ever since I had a baby, I have had these problems, so I know all too well, the walk of shame.

I am a bigger girl, so I thought that Large would be a god option for me. Large was way too big for me though. I ended up giving these to my mother in law to help me review them. They fit her perfectly and she is really happy with them so far. She said that they are very comfortable. With all the different kinds of underwear around, this is the style she prefers to wear, so I knew she would use them.

She recently had a hysterectomy and ruined many pairs of panties in the process. These though, stood up to all the bodily fluids and blood. Even when she leaked out, you couldn't tell on her pants or where she was sitting. She said they absorb so well, that she barely felt it on herself when it happened.

So far, these have been perfect for her. She can get back to her job and not have to worry about embarrassing herself in front of coworkers or customers. She is way more willing to get out now and enjoy her life then she was before. These Hush Hush panties, have really helped her get her life back after the surgery.

You can find these on Amazon, by searching Hush Hush Panties, from there you can see what others are saying about them, more about the panties themselves, and you can pick some up for yourself. You can also find them at the website.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review.

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