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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Millennium Falcon Sticker

I love Star Wars. Nerdy huh? Oh well. To me, it is a good clean movie(s) that is family friendly. My kids and I really enjoyed going to the theater to see the new one. I even played the old ones for them and they love them as well. When they saw this sticker, they fell in love and tried to steal it from me already!

I don't do stickers much, but a Star Wars sticker is a different story. Especially one this cool. It peels off clear. I find that the details are much easier to see and enjoy, when it is still on the white backing, but it is still cool no matter where you look at it. As soon as I saw this, my nerd girl side came out and I was so excited. Even the kids are, ever since we took them to see the movie, they have been fans as well!

This sticker peels off the white backing really easily and when I put it on my laptop, it laid down flat and I didn't have to move it or fix any bubbles. It is a nice size and took up much of my lap top. The material it is made out of are nice as well. I haven't been able to rip or tear it so I feel confident it will be safe.

Head on over to the Millennium Falcon Sticker product page on Amazon. From there you can find out more about this sticker, see what other people are saying about it, and you can pick one up for yourself or someone you love who loves Star Wars!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review.

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