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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Leona Made DIY Body Butter Kit

We all use some sort of beauty product. Some more then others. I try and wear the least amount of make up possible, but I do like other beauty products. Lotions and body butters are some of my favorites. You can get a variety of scents and consistencies. Pretty much any scent you can think of. I have so much fun mixing up my smell every day! Now I can really mix it up.

When I saw this kit pop up, I knew I had to try it. I love DIY. Making things myself, is so rewarding and it saves money! Plus, who wouldn't want to know how to make their very own body butter in the best place in the world...your own kitchen!

This kit comes with almost everything you need. All the oils, (which come as creams) are in different clearly marked containers. Along with a note card with very detailed instructions, which were super easy to follow! The only other items you need, are a small mason jar and a pot to go on the stove.

Basically, you boil water with the mason jar floating inside. I didn't have a mason jar, so I used a cleaned out spaghetti sauce bottle. All the ingredients, besides the ones you are using for scent, get stirred together inside the jar. Then you have a back and forth with the fridge and stirring the product and not long later, It's ready to be put into the empty container Leona Made provided, which already has the name on it so you know it is for the finished product!

I had so much fun making this body butter. It comes out looking beautiful! I really love using it and the lavender I added for smell (provided in the kit) makes the body butter smell amazing on my skin! I have a lot of essential oils, so I could do so many smells, if I ever make more body butter!

Essentially, since I have all the jars, I know exactly how much of what product I need. So I was thinking about picking some up and making body butter for my family members for Christmas. I think it would be a fun and personal way to thank everyone for being in my life! I have Leona Made to thank for this great idea!

This is such a fun kit and I had an amazing time making it. Everything from the jars to the packaging is super cute! Please head over and check it out at the Leona Made Website. You can also check out the other DIY boxes they have, like the Lip Balm DIY kit, which I would love to try! You can also find this product on Amazon.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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