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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Golf Master Sports Children's Golf Set

My kids love playing mini golf with us. They are super competitive when they play as well. I figured that this would be the perfect set for them to be able to play mini golf even in the winter, right in the house! I can't wait to see what crazy combos they come up with. I am fine with anything as long as nothing gets broken!

It is a golf club bag made of plastic. It has wheels and a decent sized handle. All the parts fit either inside or on the front and back of this product. Which makes it really easy to keep the parts and pieces in order. My kids are notorious for losing things, so I think this will really help them!

On the front are the 3 balls, a green, yellow, and red. They fit right inside and are easy to pop out. They are sturdier then a normal ball that comes with other sets like these. I don't think they will dent. If they do it will take a lot!

The clubs and flags are located inside the "bag". They are the same colors as the balls with a little bit of blue mixed in. They seem to be pretty sturdy, and the color combos look great. They used very gender neutral colors, which is always a good thing!

Last but not least, on the back of the "bag" are the holes. It is a bit difficult to get the balls in there, but I guess that adds to the fun. Just put the flags into the pieces with the holes and have fun!

All in all, we love this set. It is nice and bright, made pretty well, the stickers are placed well and aren't falling off, and the kids seem to love it! They have already set up a mini golf hole in the living room. I have heard nothing but fighting and laughing, while they were playing with this. It held their attention for quite awhile and isn't broken yet!

This is such an awesome set. You should check it out by heading over to the Golf Masters Sports children's golf set. From there, you can find out more about this set. You can see what other people think about this set and how much fun their kids are having. Plus you can order a set for yourself or someone you love! This would make a great Christmas, birthday, or just because gift!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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