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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chefs Limited Utensil Set

I really needed a utensil set with a roundabout table to it so I could stick it on the counter. Storage space is limited there, but it is even more limited in the drawers, so I thought something like this would be perfect. Plus I want to update my kitchen and take it from an ugly duckling, into a beautiful space that we will love to cook in.

I am torn by this set though. The handles are so much heavier then the bottoms and bulky. Which makes them really top heavy. But the colors (black and white) are perfect for these utensils, so it kind of evens it out. I just haven't gotten use to how light they are at the bottom, so I have thrown a few things from pans onto the floor and the stove.

The bottoms or the utensil parts, are like I said, a lot more lightweight. They seem to be pretty solid and sturdy, while still having a flexible point to them. They are huge and you can do a lot with them, like scoop out a bunch of soup, pasta etc. They seem to be made out of pretty good materials as well.

Now to my issues with this product. It comes with no directions and you do have to put a few things together. It is simple but just a bit annoying that they don't include anything to tell you what is going on. There is an extra "sun" shaped piece. I say extra because I assume it is because this set doesn't need two.

The whisk is much too long. It hits the bottom and almost stops it from turning to get to the other utensils that you need. It is also a bit flexible and I am not sure how well that will work if you are stirring something that is thick. I have broken every whisk up until now, so it should be interesting when I go to use it.

Another thing is, they are all bunched together. It leaves no room for nothing and again, it becomes a bit hard to turn when you are trying to. The whisk has fallen off many times already and so have a few other utensils on here. I basically just turn the whole thing around when I need to get to something else.

They could easily fix this problem. Either make it taller or make the whisk a bit shorter. They could also make the top and bottom bigger even if only an inch or two. I don't think that, that would make it too big for a counter at all, and it will give the utensils room and make it easier to turn the product to get what you need. Just a few tweaks and this set would be perfect!

I did give this 5 stars, even with my issues. This is because, the set is pretty awesome. It looks great in my kitchen and I have used some of the utensils already and they all work really well. Great for nonstick cooking pans and other ones you don't want to scratch up. Just make sure you don't leave these in the pans that you are cooking. They are made to be sat next to the pans and not inside. I made that mistake and the utensil was so hot, I couldn't even hold on to it!

You can check this set out, at the chefs Limited Utensil Set product page on Amazon by clicking the blue link. From there you can find out more about this product, see what other people are saying about it, and you can pick up a set for yourself. This could make a great present!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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