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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Checkered Headbands

I really love these. They are made well and they look really cute when worn. The checkered pattern gives them a feminine feel. You can wear them in a few different ways. Like you would a normal bandana, as a headband and different varieties of those two things. You may need to use bobby pins if you plan on keeping them on for awhile. Mine keeps slipping off of my head. When I don't want to do my hair, I just throw one of these on.

I can only give this product 4 stars out of 5. Why only 4 stars you ask? Well this is a set of 5 and I only got two. The opened bag, even had a sticker on it that said "This is a set don't separate." I worked it out with Amazon, but am still only getting two of them.

I could have sent them back and got a new complete set, but I don't have the money for that. Plus I had already opened one as was wearing it before I realized that I was 3 short. I know some people would have just put them back in the bag and got them replaced but I just can't be that dishonest.

But as far as the product goes, I enjoy these. They look great in my hair and I can even play them up. I will keep using and enjoying them. Simple idea but a seriously awesome product! You can check them out and hope that you get a complete set, on the Checkered Wide Headbands product page on Amazon.

From there, you can find out more about this set of headbands, see what other people are saying about them and if they got a complete set, and you can try your luck and order a set for yourself. They are awesome, but don't expect the company to make it up to you if you don't get what you paid for!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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