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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Boot Koozie for Events

Party. That word can either excite you, terrify you, or both. I have found, if it's a party where I know and get along with the people, then I am good and the party will be fun. If it is a bunch of people I don't know...I am terrified. Making new friends, is not something I usually do. The friends I have now are just fine, plus it is so awkward to walk up to someone new. If the host/hostess of these parties, had used something like these boot koozies, it would not have been so bad at all!

These boot koozies, are made of good material. They feel just as thick as normal koozies, but they are shaped like a cowboy boot. I am a city girl, but I love country, so I found this boot koozie, appealing. The best part about the boot, is the fact that it has a Hello My name is section on it. You know like those stickers you sometimes have to wear to different events, that get hidden behind clothes and hair.

Not only are these a great party favor for guests to go home with, since they have a place to put your name, they are great ice breakers. Skipping the awkward name part of a conversation, will say you time and almost make you feel like you know the person already, just because you can read your name. I think that these boots will really help your guests mingle and be social with people they don't even know.

I only found two downsides to this boot koozie and they are more about personal preference then the product itself. First, I am crazy about stitching. My OCD is so bad when I see something not match up. The front stitching and the back, do not line up properly. Luckily it is in the spots where I have my fingers so, it isn't something that will be seen right off the bat. Like I said, it doesn't hurt the product one bit, just my OCD. lol

The second thing, is the fact that it is a bit tall. You can't push a normal can all the way down or it will be inside of the boot and almost impossible to drink out of. To fix this, I just pushed the can up enough for it to be sticking out. The koozie still sits as it should and I can still drink my drink. Energy drinks, are even almost swallowed by this boot koozie as well, but so much easier to drink from.

All in all, I love this boot koozie. I have been using it since I got it. The other night I left a drink in there and the next morning, it was still cold! This company also has other koozies for events and really low prices. Head on over and check them out at their website, Browse their awesome collection and find the perfect koozie for you!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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