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Monday, November 23, 2015

Allreli 8gb Voice Recorder

All voice recorders are not created equally. This is one of the best, I have ever used. The sound recordings, are amazing. With the microphone they include or without, the recording are crisp and clear and sound seriously amazing. Plus it was so simple to search the files and find just the recording that I am looking for!

With the included headphones/earbuds, you can also listen to FM radio. The earbuds include a pair of covers and are a lot bigger then the usual ones I put in my ear. Which means they stay put once I put them in! To get a signal, you have to have the earbuds plugged in, which is standard for most products, because it acts like an antenna. The radio stations I wanted to hear, came in well and the sound was good.

Another plus to this product, is the fact that you can put and play MP3s with this voice recorder. I almost feel silly calling it a voice recorder, because it is just so much more then that. I love the fact that I can put my files onto my laptop with this as well. It makes it so much easier to play back later so I can delete them and save space on the recorder!

Not only is this voice recorder a triple threat, it is also awesome looking. The buttons and screen are large enough to be seen with ease. With menu, play/pause, volume, delete buttons etc it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but once you start using it, you see how easy it is! I call this a spy kit, because of all the attachments. They are all easy to figure out and look to be made well, just like this voice recorder!

You really need to check this out at the Allreli 8 gb Voice Recorder product page on Amazon. From there you can find out even more about this voice recorder, you can see what others are saying about it and what they are using it for, and you can pick one up for yourself. Would make an awesome gift for any aspiring spies.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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