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Friday, October 23, 2015

Forever Infused Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

When it comes to water...I hate it. I know people say it has no taste, but I can sill taste something in it and it is not good. Our tap water is the worst. The city even has warnings that kids, elderly, and people with weakened immune systems should not drink it from the tap. Which explains why I am always sick when I am forced to drink it!

To use this product, all you have to do, is cut up your favorite fruit, and stick it inside, then fill the bottle up with your favorite water. Let it sit for as long as you like....the longer the fruit sits in there and the more you swish it around inside there, the more flavor you will be able to taste. I always have fruit sitting around here and since water is so nasty and flavored water is so expensive, I find that this works really well to get me drinking water and doing it naturally.

I have to say that this is a great looking water bottle. The top just screws off, there is nothing to drink out of, like a spout or anything like that, it's just the water bottle. Seemed weird to me at first, but now I am drinking out of it like it's the norm. It comes out a lot easier, you just have to be careful not to pour the fruit right in your lap.

The size and the shape of the bottle are perfect for my hands. It's not too big for me or awkward in anyway that would make my arthritis flare up. We actually got two of these, Lacey got the pretty green and I got the pretty blue. We worked together on this one and both gave our opinions on the product, which is something we have never been able to do since we I brought her to the blog. I very much enjoyed it!

As far as clean up goes, I found that this product is pretty simple to clean. Not only does the top come off, but the bottom does as well and so does the infuser piece. Speaking of...I love the infuser column. Instead of normal square or circle cut outs on it, it has a few stars and I couldn't help but comment on how different and cool that is when I saw it!

We love our new water bottles! Head on over and check them out at the Forever Infused Fruit  Infusion Water Bottle product page on Amazon or the website directly! You can find out more about this product, see what other people are saying about this product, and you can pick up a water bottle for yourself. With 5 different colors, there is one for everyone!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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