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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Easy Snap Sandals

I am not sure how, but somehow my kids became flip flop sandal lovers. I would just love to keep my shoes on 24/7 and they would love to be barefoot or almost barefoot 24/7. I am thinking they got this from their daddy, but I am not sure. If they are going to be sandal kids, then they need to have quality sandals, like these from Gold Pigeon

I am loving these sandals. I ordered the ones with the cars, but they were out in my daughters' size, so I got a different pink pair. Which I love because I like the design a whole lot better! I was confused on the sizing, so mine were a bit too big. She can fit in them now, but I am sure she will also be able to wear them next year as well, so it was a happy mistake on my part!

The materials to make these are pretty nice and they are well put together. The pattern pops off of them and doesn't have to compete with the sandals to be seen. My daughter can get them off and on by herself and has been wearing them every day since we got them.

I haven't noticed any blisters or marks on her feet and she says they are really comfortable. I like that they protect the feet, better then flip flops do and I don't have to worry about broken flip flops or them coming off while she is walking around or playing. We love these sandals!

If you have kids that love sandals as well, then you need to head over and check these out on the Gold pigeon website and also at Amazon! From those sites, you can find out more about these sandals, check out all the different styles and colors and pick up a pair or two for someone you love! Would make a great christmas or birthday gift!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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