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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Douglas N'Ice Balls

I love silicone. I think that is obvious from all of my other posts declaring my love for it! But I figured I would let you know, in case you didn't know that about me. If I could my kitchen utensils and pans would all be silicone!

First off I want to say, that I am having so much fun with the name of this. I'm a dork though so you may not get it, but every time I make up some footballs with this product, I say thanks for the nice balls Douglas. Get it? If not, sorry for the bad joke.

Basically when you get these, all you have to do is wash and dry them. Then you put the molds back together, and you put water inside using the hole on top. When you are done make sure you let a little water out so it doesn't freeze out through the top and lets it expand inside the mold.

My first few tries didn't work. I am not sure if the water just didn't get into the hole or what, but I was having problems. The bad thing about that, is I never knew until after I waited hours for them to "freeze". I did get the hang of it though and made some cool footballs for our drinks.

I think this would be perfect for football parties like the super bowl or just random games that you invite people over to watch. You could also use them for birthday parties, if you have kids or kids at heart, that love football.

Ice isn't the only thing you can make with these though. From my research, you can also make jello shots with these, candy shaped footballs, soap, mini cakes etc. The possibilities are endless and you could really show how football obsessed you really are!

It is safe to say that I am in love with these. As long as you get the water in there, they come out and the balls are easy to fit into a variety of glasses. You need to head on over to check these out on the Douglas N'Ice Balls product page. From there you can find out more about this silicone mold, see what others are saying about them, and you can pick up a set of 4 for yourself!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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