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Friday, September 4, 2015

US Art Supply Oil Painting Paper Pad

If you are an artist, you know just how difficult it is to find something to paint on when you really need something. I know when I need one, I am always out of canvases and either having to paint over the painting I have already done, finding something suitable to paint on, or just giving up on painting for the day. It would be nice if I had emergency paper canvas to use when the mood hit me and I am not prepared.

This oil painting paper pad from US Art Supply is perfect for me! Although it comes with the seamed top like the other pad I reviewed in the past and once again, I don't like it. I know that these are to be taken out of there and then used, but I would like the option to leave the pages in there and make sort of a flip book out of my art. Once you open this too far though, the page before the one you are using will fall out and there is no putting it back. I have to say though, that is my only complaint about this product.

When you open it up, you are welcomed by a paper pad, that looks just like a real canvas. It has the grooves, look and feel of one. When I heard I was getting this I didn't know what to think, but assumed it would be the same type of paper as the pad I had reviewed before. I am so glad it wasn't that paper. Since there are grooves on these sheets, it really does look like they were painted on a real canvas and you could probably mount it later on and no one would be the wiser on whether it was a real canvas or not.

Art products are probably my favorite things to do and to review. I get to express myself while making beautiful works of art. I have oil paints that I reviewed for this company awhile back as well, Getting to use them again was a blast. They have a great consistency and worked well for this paper, as the name suggests. The pad says that it can be used for a variety of different art medias, so I wanted to really test that out.

My kids used one sheet and finger painted on it, with finger paints of course. The colors seemed to pop and looked really good, but it did take the sheet longer to dry then the oil for some reason. Then I tried out water color and while I like the look it gave, it just didn't pop against the paper like the other methods did.

Last but not least, I gave a sheet to my friend who is a professional painter...he puts me to shame! He likes using acrylic paints on his paintings, so he used them on a sheet of this paper. They also did really well with the grooved paper which I expected since it looks so good on normal canvases. The oil did the best, but the acrylic paint came in a close second.

Bottom line is, this is a great company that sells so many amazing art supply products and I really enjoy every single one of their products so far. This pad has 15 sheets in it and you will have so much fun creating your art on all 15 sheets!

If you are an artist or if you have one in the family, this Oil painting paper pad may be right up your alley! If it is, don't be shy head on over to Amazon and check out this product using the product page link. From there you can find out more about this pad, see what others are saying about it, and you can pick up a few for yourself or someone you love! This would make a great present!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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