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Friday, September 4, 2015

Silicone Cupcake and muffin pans

Time and time again, I have said that silicone is my favorite product to use in the kitchen. Whether it is silicone baking cups, popsicle molds, or baking items, I want them. They look so cute, work well and of course they are super easy to clean. The last part is probably my favorite part about silicone stuff!

This set comes with a 12 cup pan and a 24 cup pan. These are mini ones, so they will not make full sized muffins or cupcakes. They make the bite sized ones that I see in stores all the time in the packages of 5, right beside the twinkies and all that other junk food that is horrible for me but oh so good. When these came, I of course washed and dried them. I made sure that they were completely dry before I attempted to use them so that I could give the fairest review possible. This is where the review forks a little bit.

I will start off with the positive of the situation. The 24 cup pan, is a darker blue. It holds 24 cupcakes as the before description implies. I have never used a grease or cooking spray with my silicone products so I didn't this time. I got the batter in and when I pulled them out, they looked pretty good. The bottoms were a bit too done but not burnt yet so I will take it. Obviously that was my fault and I should pull them out sooner. Anyway, when I took them out, they all came out cleanly with maybe a few scrapes left over here and there. I was really happy so I wanted to make sure the smaller one worked just as well.

The smaller one was clean and dry and prepared the same way as the 24 cup. Besides being half the size of the other one, this one is a lighter blue but still felt like the same sort of silicone as the bigger one. I pulled them out of the oven and let them cool off for the same amount of time as the bigger one. When I went to take them out though....well thats where the fun began. Every single one that I pulled out either fell apart in my hand or half of it stayed in the bottom of the pan. It was easy to clean up later, just disappointing to lose half of my muffin/cupcake to the silicone demon.

I am not sure why the bigger one worked so much better then the smaller one. To be fair though I did try it again with some cooking spray and I lost far less of my cupcakes that way. Not sure you are suppose to use cooking spray with silicone, but I did and it worked. I may have just gotten a weird pan that isn't totally right. I know I did everything the same way with both pans though.

Besides that issue, these are great looking pans. As I said earlier, the leftovers, just wipe right off in hot soapy water and they are pretty easy to dry as well. Not to mention how great they look on my shelf of silicone products, which everyone comments on as soon as they walk into my kitchen! I have even switched a few people over to silicone stuff!

If you need a set like this then I highly recommend you head on over to the product page on Amazon. From there you can find out more about this set, see what others are saying about it and possibly even what they are making with their sets, and you can pick up a set for you or as a gift for someone else!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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