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Friday, September 4, 2015

Flip Stir Puzzle

My kids and I are always looking for new and challenging things. If they are pretty awesome, we enjoy them even more. As a girl growing up my grandmother always did puzzles and some of them even ended up on her walls. So naturally I was into puzzles and my kids are as well...for the most part. Technology has really taken up a lot of their time and I love getting them away from their tablets and laptops.

The Flip Stir puzzle is very unique. Its a puzzle inside a container. The pieces are raised up and bigger which makes them easier for people of all ages to see and easier to work with them as well. I chose the rainbow colored pencil pattern because it is a level 1 I believe. I am not sure how many levels they go up to but I knew we better start off with the easiest one first.

Right away when you see this thing, you see how challenging it is going to be. Like I said the pieces are inside a cylinder container, which means you will never be able to lose any of the pieces. There is a metal rod that I like to call a plunger with a flattened piece of steel on the end. This is what you use along with flipping and stirring to get the pieces where they need to go.

I have to say that I am very happy that I played it safe and got a level one, because it is very hard to do. I have had this product for a few weeks now and no one in the family, including my kids, my husband and I, or our parents have been able to get very far with this product. None of us have put it together obviously either.

If you want a challenge, then this is the puzzle for you! My family and I have even done timed events just to see who can get it the furthest. I know there is something to this, a way to get it done easily (I hope) so I am constantly sitting there trying to get the puzzle figured out. I even think this would be great for parties. Since it is pretty difficult, I would have to say 7-8 and up is who could really play with this and figure it out...possibly.

It is a great conversation starter as well, You will have so much fun with this product. It will invoke skills you never thought you had! check it and their other puzzles out on their website From there you can learn more about them, watch some videos on them and even order one for yourself or someone you love! This would be a great long lasting gift for people of all ages!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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