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Monday, September 7, 2015

Eightyfive Storage Boxes

As a reviewer. I get a lot of products to review, and they are always sitting around in Amazon boxes and not looking very good, to company. So when I got the chance to review these storage boxes, I jumped on it. I wasn't sure what to expect from them, but I was really exited to try them out.  They come flat and in 2 pieces each, the box itself, and a piece that fits into the bottom and keeps the cubes/boxes from folding up.

There is a handle on one side, which I have seen a bunch of storage boxes that work this way, because many of them are used in shelves, either normal or the ones that are squares that just fit storage boxes like these...I hope that makes sense. Since I a probably not going to place these on a shelf, I kinda of wish they gave the option of having two handles. As I was saying earlier, these are designed with the one handle so it is easier to pull them off or out of shelves. I guess my point is, since I am going to be lifting and moving these constantly, I wish they had two handles on them so they were easier for me to carry. For now I just hold the handle with one hand and I place my other hand on the bottom.

I love the size and color of these. My only real complaint is that mine had a few stains or dirt or something on them. The fabric is one that I just took a wet wipe and wiped the spots off. It was a quick and easy fix. You could probably use a damp wash cloth as well. The same goes for if they get dirty in your care! Just wipe them up and they are new again!

I can fit quite a bit of items in these bins which means less boxes for me, so that makes me happy! These boxes are well made. It feels to me like they are a heavy duty cardboard with fabric covering them. If these were to be crushed they would probably be ruined though, so take care and don't stack things on top of them!

Storage boxes are great and so is this set. If you are in need for storage boxes either as replacements or new, you need to check this out. You can do so by clicking here. From there you can find out more about these storage boxes, see what others think about their boxes, and you can pick up a set for yourself, when they become available again!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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