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Monday, September 7, 2015

Balloon Monsoon

You can have so much fun in the summertime. It's warm, sunny, and best of all there is NO snow! I spend a lot of time outside day and night. It's probably my favorite season. If you can't tell, winter is my least favorite, so I always enjoy getting to play with things out side, review or no review. Brings back a bit of my child hood that I am not ready to give up yet!

Balloon Monsoon, is one of those things that bring me back to child hood. I really wish I had these back then, I could have had so much more fun in water balloon fights! Since I am horrible at tying balloons, I always got bombarded by them. The other kids were so much faster at tying!

These balloons are unlike the water balloons of old. They come in bundles of 4 with 38 balloons on each, on sticks and a self tying ring. Even in the bag, they are pretty neat. Just sitting out, I have had multiple guests ask me what they are, because they have never seen a water balloon kit come this way.

Steps to use this product and what you need:

1. Get yourself a towel or a storage bin of some type.

2. If you use a storage bin, fill it up pretty far with water and sit it close to the hose you are using to fill up these balloons. If you use a towel, lay it out close to where you are going to be filling up the balloons.

3. Place the bundle of balloons onto the hose before you turn on the water.

4. Turn on the water slowly, so you don't pop the balloons by a huge gush of water, and then place them where they are right above the water or where they are touching the water or towel. This way gravity won't knock them off of the sticks, before they are a nice size.

5. When they get to the size you want, turn off the water and simple shake the hose to get them to come off of the bundle of sticks, onto either the towel or the storage container.

6. Enjoy within 30 minutes!

Balloon Monsoon is really simple to use as you can see. Instead of spending hours making a hundred water balloons, you can use this and make 148 in just minutes! I did have a few of them break, but I really expected to have a few. These are balloons and get holes easily. I was just happy with the speed and the amount of balloons we got!

Finally a water balloon fight lasted longer then the time it took to fill them up! The self tying ring on this is genius. You literally don't have do a thing for this product besides hold the hose and fill them up. It saves a lot of time, especially if you have younger kids, who don't want to wait.

We decided, since the storage container was very heavy after the balloons plopped in, that we would just drag the container to a middle point of the yard. We then did a dodgeball like water balloon fight. We had to run to the center to get a balloon and run back before we got hit and were "out" for a round. I found this was the easiest way to get them all used before the 30 minutes was up and they deflated.

One awesome thing about these balloons, is if they do deflate, you can put them back on the sticks and use them again. I learned how to do this with the refill kit. (that blog post is coming next) Of course once they are popped, you can't use them again, just like any water balloon.

I enjoyed how easy these were to use, for not only me, but they kids can do it as well. They weren't very good at tying normal water balloons, so I always had to supervise and tie them. Now though, they have a great time, without me being out there. Even when I am out there, I still let them do all the work!

Balloon Monsoon water balloons and the whole kit, seems to be made out of good materials and it's a really cool concept. We had so much fun playing with this kit. As long as the balloons were a pretty good size, they all burst like they were suppose to, so we didn't have any not pop and hurt any of us, like I have seen with kits like this from other companies.

Getting to review this was a BLAST! You need to head over to Amazon and check them out on their product page. From there you can find out more about Balloon Monsoon, you can find out what other people are saying about them, and you can pick up a kit for yourself! As I said earlier they also sell refill kits, so the fun doesn't have to end!

* I used stock pictures of already done balloons, because my kids were manning the camera every time and most of the pictures were blurry or there were fingers in front of the lens. I will replace the stock photos with my own ie: the balloon kit on the hose, balloons filling up, and balloons that are filled in the tub, etc the next time I use them. The other pics already in this blog are my own. The two stock pictures belong to the company and can be found on their Amazon product page.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm3588e57c66a6dee6c900b58404697749

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