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Sunday, August 2, 2015


I love dogs. Growing up we always had dogs. They are just so loving and so much fun. You can't help but pet a dog when it walks up to you. I wish I could be so carefree and happy all the time! Just sit around and have someone cater to all of my needs...whenever I want them to.

With this review I found out just how hard it is to get pictures of my dog with products. She didn't want to pose or leave the product where it was. To date I still haven't gotten one in focus. I am going to keep trying though, because she loves this toy!

Unbreakoball is reminiscent of a wiffle ball! It is round and it has the same holes in it. This ball comes in 2 different sizes. They say he 6 inch (the one I chose) is about the size of a melon and for smaller dogs, will the other one is about the size of a basketball for bigger dogs.

The Unbreakoball, is a hard plastic. My dog seems to love it. She carries it around in her mouth by using those nice holes located all around it. She is dangerous with it though so we had to make it an outside toy. It's that hard of a plastic that I was worried she was going to break our sliding glass back door. It only took her one time of throwing it up in the air (she was ready to play even if it was with herself) and hitting the glass for this decision to be made.

Usually she is scared of new toys and won't play with them for weeks after we buy them. I know she is weird but we love her! LOL With this though, she took to it rather quickly. Started playing with it after only a few times of trying to engage her. Now you see this orange ball flying around my backyard all the time.

Dogs can play by themselves with this or with others. If they have a chewing problem, this ball might be the answer. Train them to bite on the ball instead of everything else. It may just break the habit and I am sure you and your stuff would love that!

I think that every dog will love this toy. With how it is made, I think it would be unbreakable. The dog would have to have a crazy strong jaw grip or you would have to slam the ball down hard to even put a dent into it. This is a dog toy you could own forever! Plus they have so much fun with it!

If you want a toy that your dog will always have then you need to check this one out! you can also check it out on Amazon from here. From those sites, you can find out more about the Unbreakoball and the company, see what others are saying about it and look at their amazing pics, and you can pick a few up for yourself! Your dog will thank you!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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