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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pecham Smoke Detector Review and Giveaway

My apartment hasn't been changed in years. Everything is such an old style and just looks dated. I love old stuff...thats worth money. Nothing old in this apartment is worth a thing! Especially not the smoke detectors. Well I guess I should say smoke detector, because although we have 6 rooms, our landlord has only provided one and it's right by the door. Anyone going by can look in and see how ugly it is!

I am so use to white smoke detectors, it seems like that is the go to neutral color. So I was really excited when I found out that this one was black. Black is my favorite color so this really works for me and with my other decor.

When you touch this smoke detector, you will notice that it feels like rubber. I can't stop touching it, it feels that nice! Usually detectors are the same old crappy looking plastic that breaks easily and looks cheap. Not this one though. You can really tell that it is made well and will be hard to break.

A day of my oldest kids cooking, helped me test this detector out. She is still learning and our stove smokes sometimes anyway. I couldn't believe how loud this thing was. Even the heaviest sleeper should be awoken by this alarm.

This alarm detected and went off minutes before the old detector. This fact is enough for everyone to want one of these detectors. It saves you minutes and detects right away. I could see this smoke detector saving lives!

If you need a good smoke detector, but don't want to buy batteries to use it right away, this one is perfect for you. It comes with a battery, so you don't have to worry about batteries for awhile. You can sit back and enjoy your day knowing that if anything goes wrong, this detector will let you know! Simply head on over to Amazon and check this detector out by clicking here.

The company is giving away one of these, to one of my readers. All you have to do is comment below and let me know, what you are most afraid of! I will use to choose a random winner on 8/10. Good luck and have fun everyone!!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback. I am not responsible for sending out the prize to the winner. The company is responsible for contacting you or sending you the prize, to the address you provide to me after you win.


  1. Would be great for our new house!

  2. In my apt we only have 1 and it seems its good to have them in different locations in your house. It seems simple enough to use I would love to have a chance at this. I am most afraid of going out and coming home to all my belongings on fire and the biggest fear is going to bed and the alarm on the other end of the house didn't warn me with enough time

  3. My biggest fear is sleeping thru a fire. I am a hard sleeper and it is a scary thing.

  4. I never thought I would say I like how a smoke detector looks. That one is really nice and I would opt for a black one over the cheap white plastic ones any day. Love the fact that it also has a more rubberized feel, definitely adds to its aesthetics and functionality.

    Neville @ Electrical Experts

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