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Friday, August 7, 2015

My Indoor Garden--Panda Pots

Since I was young, my mom has always loved plants. Most of the time she would try and they would fall, but she always kept trying. Over the years, a few of the plants and flowers have actually made it and they looked great. She kept trying even when she failed. It just goes to show that something that didn't work the first 100 times, may work on the 101st try, so always keep trying!

I have had Miracle grow pods filled with all sorts of veggies and spices, for awhile now. I know it is almost the end of summer, but I wanted to plant something and really review these pots! So I set out to make the cheapest indoor garden I could. Everything was given to me or was free from reviews or other places. I didn't end up spending one dime on this project!

Let me start out by telling you about these pots. They are from a company called Panda Pots. The pots are plastic but a harder plastic then what you are thinking. I can see these snapping if you absolutely wanted to try and break them, but if you took care of them they should be fine!

At 7.5 inches these are not small pots but won't take up too much room either. The bottoms and side include holes, so the excess water can pour out and not drown the plants you are trying so hard to grow. Plus since these are a plastic, they are so much lighter then a terra cotta pot which means they can be transported easier.

For my indoor garden, I was able to catch on quickly as to what to do. Before filling up the pots, I put them onto a small plate so the water wouldn't get all over. I seem to have way too many of these and hey were taking up space so they seemed like the best choice! I filled up each pot a little over half way. Any more and I would have run out of dirt quickly and before everything was planted. Since these pots are bigger they will take up a lot more dirt so make sure you have all you need on hand!

After filling the pots, I put a pod into each pot. I pushed it down to the soil line and compacted the dirt around it. Some pots had more then one pod of the same thing. Its not recommended but I had no more dirt left, so we will see how they do.

When I was done with the dirt, I took out my chalkboard labels and chalk marker and wrote the name of each thing down and put them on the pots that they belonged to. Not only does this look cute, it also lets me and everyone else know what is growing!

After putting these up in the window sill and on a shelf next to the window, I was done. It took me about half an hour to make this indoor garden with the Panda Pots! I hope they grow. In pots like these, I don't see why they wouldn't.

I had so much fun with these and you can as well! Head over to Amazon, to check them out! From there you can find out more about these, see what others are saying about them, and you can buy a set or two for yourself!

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review.

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