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Sunday, August 2, 2015

How to make cute canvas art with your kids. Part 1

I got to review some awesome canvas from US Art Supply. They are mini 2 x 3 stretch canvas. To start off I gathered all of my ingredients before gathering my kids.

What you Need:

Canvas-- You can use any size that will fit what we are doing.

Paint-- I just used the craft paint I had lying around, but I am sure that finger paints would work as well.

Newspaper-- Put down newspaper before starting the craft so you will have a mess free clean up.

Tape-- Any will work, I used painters tape, because that is all I had in the house and with painters tape you can switch it up and use this craft anywhere!

Construction Paper-- You can wrap the cardboard in construction paper or tissue paper to make your back ground prettier.

Cardboard-- To use as a base for the project to make it easier to hang.

Scissors--To cut the cardboard, construction paper or tissue paper.

This first part will walk you through what you need to do with the canvases, the following blog post will walk you through the rest of the craft. Let's get started! Grab your kids and let's have fun!!

Now what I did, was laid out newspaper and had the kids put on something old. They sat down at the table in front of a square of 4 canvases pushed together. You can sit them there or you could even put a little tape on the backs of them to keep them in there square. They seemed to move around a lot when the kids were lifting their hands.

When they are ready, squirt a bit of paint into their hands. You don't need much, a little goes a long way! After that, simply have the kids rub there hands together so they get the paint all over their hand. The kids were excited about this part, they weren't use to being this messy with our crafts. So much that I had to remind them that we were making art, not trying to put a hand print on our sisters face.

After the reminder we got back to the task at hand. It may seem weird, but I had the kids start with the tip of their fingers and then lower their hand onto the canvas. The reason for this, is the canvases were almost too small for their hands, so this seemed like the best way to get the bulk of their hand print onto the canvas.

Clean up was super easy when they dried. We moved the canvases and then simply balled the newspapers up and threw them out. After that, the kids went out to play and I got set to work on part two of this project. Check it out --

You can find these canvas here. I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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