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Sunday, August 2, 2015

How To Canvas Art Part 2

I knew I had to do something awesome with these hand prints. Something that I could display that wouldn't look too juvenile. It would also be inexpensive and easy to accomplish. For the second part of this project. I sent the kids out and grabbed the supplies that I got around earlier.

First I cut the cardboard to size. It can be any size you prefer, just remember the canvas has to fit on there. I wanted to write on mine as well so I made sure it was cut about 2 inches taller then what the canvas is.

I then wrapped the cardboard in black construction paper, but you could also use tissue paper. On the back I taped the paper to fit well, in the same sense of the stretched canvas. I found even though the cardboard wasn't always straight underneath, the wrapping made it into a straight line. So don't worry if you cardboard isn't cut straight!

When I had the boards all wrapped in paper, I got out 4 long piece of tape for each project. From there simply make a circle in the painter's tape or whatever tape you have to use and place them on the back of each canvas. Placement can be tricky. I found that if I made the square before hand and did one piece at a time, it was much easier to place them where they should be!

After the pieces are taped onto the base. You can do a variety of things. I used chalk markers, but you could use paint or even sharpees depending on what color base you choose to use. I simply wrote their names, age, and the year. But you can write or draw anything you want!

From there I used two pieces of painters tape a piece and placed them on our wall. They seem to be holding well. Another reason I chose painter's tape, is the fact that you can take them down and move them to where ever you want. You can even take the canvas off put them on the way and use the base to draw or write on down the road, since the markers come off!

I had all of these products on hand, but the things you need to make this craft are pretty in expensive. The results are awesome! The kids will have a ton of fun and so will you! I hope you liked my How To on this craft.

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