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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic Pellets

When you have kids, you often run out of fun ideas. It's impossible to always find something fin to do with them without recycling ideas. My kids are getting so old that they don't want to make the same old stuff anymore. Often they have their noses in their tablets and books. The books are fine, but I really like to do things that get them away from technology. Things we can enjoy as a family. I have always been artsy and love making things with my hands, and the kids seem to have gotten it from me.

When the kids heard that I was getting this product. They were so excited. I had never heard of anything like this but I guess they saw another product advertised on tv. So they were pretty excited and couldn't wait for these pellets to come. When they finally did and I made them wait a day or two to try them out, they weren't too happy with me. What I did net made them really mad.

While the kids were at school I was taking pictures of this product and decided to try it out. By the time they got home, I had made a set of die, the Batman symbol, and a ninja turtle face. It is a good thing that you can make a lot of stuff out of this 10 ounce jar. They were only mad until they got to play with it.

Basically this product is very simple to use. Before you do anything make sure you have everything ready. I put down parchment paper all over the table so that it wouldn't stick to it. Then I had the kids sit around the table and wait while I went into the kitchen to prepare this product. First I took a clean butter container and heated up water in the microwave. It has to be above 140 degrees so I left it in there for 3 to 5 minutes.

There are many ways to prep this product. You can heat the water alone, heat it with pellets inside, put pellets in afterwards, or pour water into a container that already has the pellets in it. I decided to heat it up and put in the pellets afterwards. So I took the water to the table and put in the pellets. After only a few minutes they go from white to clear and thats when you know they are ready to use. The water is hot so always supervise your children when they are using this product so they don't get burned.

When the pellets are clear and ready to come out, I simply used a plastic spoon to scoop it out. Instead of pellets it is now a blob and will come out all at the same time. From there it feels a bit like taffy. Just pull off how much ever everyone needs, then get to molding. This product dries quickly in the air and will be unmoldable after that...unless you put it back in the hot water. When you are ready for more, simply reheat the water and pour more pellets in and do everything all over again.

After something has been sitting out all night, I learned that it will NOT be remolded. It is simply left as a blob. Since they say it can be remolded I was surprised. the kids did stick it back into cool water and left it there for a few hours, so this probably had some effect on the product. Luckily, we don't have to try and remold anything else, so I won't have to worry about whether it will work or not.

They say you can sand and grind this product, so if you happen to make a mistake, it is fixable. The die I made are all different sizes, but after a little work, they will look amazing! Who needs to buy die when you can make them? Not this girl.

You can also paint the things you make. I used some craft paint that I had lying around. I had to do more then one coat on everything, but by the time I was done it all looked awesome! It doesn't specify the type of paint to be used so anything you have lying around might work. The kids had just as much fun molding stuff as they did painting it!

My only mistake, was not putting holes in the stuff so I could hang them on the wall or Christmas tree. I figure a few shadow boxes will solve my problem. Plus there are still pellets left that we can make stuff that can hang.  Either way the kids will enjoy putting everything all together and telling everyone just what they made!

I guess it is obvious that we had a lot of fun with these moldable pellets. It was a great activity for the whole family and will for sure get their noses out of technology and into the real world! Need a new fun activity to do with your kids? If yes, then you really need to check this product out on Amazon!

To get to the product page on Amazon simply click here. From there, you can find out more about these plastic pellets, see what others are saying and what they think about them, and you can order a jar for yourself! At only $14 a jar, you get more hours of fun out it, and it's cheaper then taking the family to a movie.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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