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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Multipurpose Round Pot Holders

A few weeks ago, I got to review the square version of this product. They are silicone, which anyone who reads my blog, knows that I am in love with silicone! It is so easy to clean and it bends and moves well. So I was seriously excited when I found out I was getting the round version.

The round ones, are thicker then the square ones. I feel like I am safer against burns this way. I am fine with the square ones as well, but it is always nice to have a bit of extra safety! The design is the same and the look and feel of the product are the same as well, the only difference is the thickness and that they are different shapes.

I am not sure why, but I am much more likely to use these in my microwave, over a bowl that is being warmed up. They just seem to fit perfectly and I am never worried about them getting dirty along the way, because they come clean with ease with just a bit of soap and water.

You can also use these to help you open bottles and containers. Never again do I have to wait for my husband or choose something else simply because I can't get a jar open. Some jars still don't come open but this pot holder works a lot better then my bare hands. All you have to do is sit one of the pot holders on top of the lid or cap, then push down and turn. That lid or cap should pop right open!

You can also use these as pot holders, obviously since they are called pot holders! I have taken a variety of things out of the oven with these pot holders. Not once did I became afraid or worry that I would get burnt somehow through them, because they are made of some thick silicone. They feel so good in my hands as I am using them.

Love Silicone? Need pot holders? Love silicone AND need pot holders? Then these are for you! You won't find a nicer looking, feeling, pot holder then these. Head on over to Amazon and check them out by clicking here. From there you can find out more about this product, see what others are saying about it, and buy a set for yourself!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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