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Friday, July 17, 2015


Being outside in the summer months is the best part about it being warm. With so many fun activities for families and friends, who wouldn't want to be outside? Our family is from the Midwest and we love playing corn hole. Which is basically boards set up on legs and a hole in the middle towards the top. You through bags filled with corn from so many feet away and you try to get it through the hole or at least on the board. There are points and other things to get into but thats for another post. This one is about another cool outdoor game--Molkky.

Molkky is a game from Finland. I had never heard of it before so I was excited to get it and try it out at our next family outing or get together. Everyone seems to play something at our outings, so we always like to have multiple games available. Molkky is unlike any game we have ever played before and probably will ever play.

This game includes:

12 "dowels" with different numbers on them

1 bigger heavier dowel

Instruction booklet

Wooden carrier for everything

First off the want to say, this game is all made out of wood. The numbers on the top of the dowels seem to be burnt on. None of the wood appears to be sealed and some appear to need to be sanded a bit more. So before using this you may want to stain up everything including the box, if it may be subjected to the weather. If you are always going to put this away in an area that is clean from moisture and water, then you are fine and can go on playing as you please.

Basically the game is pretty simple to figure out. You stand up the dowels with the numbers on them in whatever way you are wanting them and then you stand so far back and you throw the bigger dowel under handed towards them to try and knock them down. Think bowling, but better.

To win, you have to get to 50 points on the dot. If you go over 50 points then you go back to 25 points. To get your points, you have add up all the numbers on the dowels you knock over. They only count if they are lying flat on the ground. If they are leaned up against a dowel already knocked over, they will not count.

If you miss the dowels 3 times, you are out of the game and will no longer be allowed to play until the next go around. The instructions say that this person will become the score keeper. I haven't had to be the score keeper yet, but my kids have and they hate it. It makes them lose interest in the game right away. So if you have kids like mine, you may want to amend the rules to where they can miss as much as they want. If you are playing with adults, you may or may not want to amend the rule, it's up to you.

This set is pretty nice. Slightly heavy but its to be expected. I can honestly say that besides the rules, the only thing I didn't care for on this product, is the fact that they aren't even stained or protected in any way. Luckily stain doesn't cost much and we have some already laying around. So it won't cost me anything to fix these up besides my time.

If you need a fun game to play then look no further until you check out Molkky. There are 2 ways for you to do that. You can go to the Tactic website by clicking here, or on Amazon by clicking here. From those sites you can find out more about this set and about Molkky, see what other people are saying about it, and buy a set for yourself and be having fun in no time!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.


  1. Nice job on the review. Molkky looks like a lot of fun

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words! Molkky is a lot of fun. We play it every weekend now!